In general, all academic programmes are under the purview of acadenic departments. At present, the school only has one academic department. The Department of Psychology and Social Work is the sole department responsible for all programmes currently offered by the school. It houses two disciplinary sections - psychology and counseling, and social work - under one roof. Each sections caters for programmes and activities that are relevant to each discipilinary areas. Even though each sections offers programmes that cater for different disciplinary areas, in terms of academic and students affairs, both sections are under the purview of a single Departmental Head. Administrative wise, the Departmental Head and the Dean are assisted by an Assistant Registrar (see Diagram below).


The Departmental Head, who reports directly to the Dean, is in charge of all programmes offered by both sections. Currently, both sections have programmes offered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Assisting the Departmental Head are three Programme Coordinators. Two are responsible for each undergraduate programmes and one postgraduate coordinator oversees all postgraduate programmes.


The structure of SAPSP programme offerings is as follows:

Programmes Level Person-in-charge
Bachelor of Counselling with Honors Undergraduate Psychology, Counselling & Correctional Programme Coordinator
Bachelor of Social Work Management with Honors Undergraduate Social Work & Social Policy Programme Coordinator
Postgraduate Diploma in Correctional Science Postgraduate Psychology, Counselling & Correctional Postgraduate Coordinator
Master of Science (Counseling) Postgraduate
Master of Arts (Psychology) Postgraduate
Master of Arts (Social Work) Postgraduate Social Work & Social Policy Postgraduate Coordinator
Master of Social Work Postgraduate
Doctor of Philosophy Postgraduate Postgraduate Coordinators