Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is SDD located?

SSD is located in UUM Sintok campus. If you prefer you may locate the SSD building using GPS such as the Waze Apps by typing the following coordinate: 6°27'58.8"N 100°30'29.9"E

2. What programmes does SSD offer?

Currently, SSD offers undergraduate and prostgraduate programmes in Psychology and Counselling, Social Work and Correctional studies. While undegraduate programmes cater more specifically to these areas, postgraduate programmes offer a wider scope of studies, especially in research mode sucah as Master’s degree or Ph.D. By research, students can choose to undergo studies in highly specific areas but with greater choice of academic fields and specializations, such as sociology, Islamic studies, law, social studies, psychology, social development, gerontology, etc.  A more detailed information on our course offering can be accessed via the Programmes menu on this website.

3. What can I expect if I were to pursue my study at SSD?

At SSD we offer a very conducive learning environment. We have adequate facilities for students to study at every level. For instance, for postgraduate students we have a fully functioning and well-equipped postgraduate room which students can use throughout their study. For undergraduates, we also provide amenities such as a common area which can be used to conduct meetings, do study groups and discussions and socialize. Othe facilities auch as cafes, photocopy centers and prayer rooms are also available within walking distance of the SSD building.  

4. What type accreditation does the school have?

All of our programmes are fully accredited by the Malaysian Higher Education Ministry and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. Our professional courses are also fully recognized by relevant professional bodies. We are also in the process of getting certifications from international agencies such as the Asian University Network.

5. Do I have to wear uniforms when attending classes?

No, you are not required to wear uniforms but you must observe a specific requirement by the university as far as clothing is concerned. Since this university prouds itself as a management university, students are required to dress properly according to regulations. For example, male students are required to wear a tie during office hours and female students are expected to put a up a sharp appearance when attending classes or during formal events.

6. Does SSD provide access to the internet for students?

We at SSD and UUM generally believe that modern and up-to-date teaching and learning facilities are a must for today’s learning environment. As such, UUM provides the most advanced facilities for students and lecturers to fully utilized in their teaching and learning. High-speed internet access is not only available at lecture hall (which greatly facilitates the learning process), but also at residential colleges where students can enjoy 24-hour free internet access.

7. If I encounter any problems during my study, where can I seek help?

At SSD we always look after the students welfare. If you have any problems with your study, we have mentors who are more than willing to assist you. Even if you have personal problems such as psychological problems such as stress, we have licenced counsellors amongst our staff who can help you. At the university level we have a unit called U-Assist and Counselling Center which can assist you in all matters concerning you study and your campus livelihood.

8. I heard that UUM campus is very isolated and far from city life. Is that true, and how will that affect my learning experience?

Yes, UUM campus is located at quite a distance from “city life’’ but it is by no means isolated. UUM prides itself as being one of few green campus in Malaysia. For that matter, learning can be very relaxing here compared to other “urban campus.” If for any reason you want to let off steam, Alor Setar, the capital city of Kedah is just a bus ride away. Nearby towns are also available such as Jitra, Changlun, Kangar and Arau. For the adventurous type, the Thai border is also within reach. One thing you might miss when studying here is the traffic jams!

9. What about food? What can I expect when I study at SSD?

Kedah is famous for nasi kampung (Malay dishes served with rice). In campus and beyond you will find a lot of eateries serving rice with a lot of kampung style dishes. Located nearby the Thai border also means there are a lot of restaurants serving authentic Thai cuisines. Also another variety that you might find here is the mamak style which consists of the ever-popular nasi kandar and roti canai. But if you prefer the fast food type, never worry because we have those too within the nearest townships.

10. Should I have any enquiries about SSD, whom do I call or speak to?

All enquiries can be directed to the following email: or you may opt to use the feedback form which can be accessed here. If you prefer to call apeak to someone, you may call the Assistant Registrar or for more specific inquiries such as regarding our programmes, then you may want to call the coordinators for the specific programmes. Their contact information is available at the Directory & Contact section of this website.

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